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choosing a medigap plan

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Tennessee Medicare Supplements are completely standardized and all plans can be used at any doctor or hospital that takes Medicare. It is easy to compare “apples to apples” due to this standardization of plans. A Tennessee Medicare Supplement Plan ‘F’, for example, with one company is the exact same as a Tennessee Medigap Plan F with another. Rate is, and should always be, the primary comparison point.

As of June 1, 2010 the Tennessee Medigap plans are changing over to the Modernized plans. This means revamped rates for all companies and the inclusion of some companies and plans that were not options previously. In particular, Medigap Plan N and Plan M offer attractive premiums, by combining some moderate cost-sharing features with lower premiums.

Additionally, because all companies had to file for and get approved completely new rates for 6/1/2010, they have had a chance to reposition themselves in the marketplace and many have done so. The companies that were competitively-priced several months ago may no longer be so, while there are several new companies that have entered the Medigap plan landscape with competitive rates. The 6/1/2010 marks an important date in the history of Medigap plans nationwide and we think that everyone who is one Medicare should, unquestionably, review their rates on or around that date, in order to ensure they are not paying more than they should. Tennessee Medigap plans are more competitive than ever and getting a Tennessee Medigap quote is easy to do.

Simply fill out the form above, or, if you prefer to speak with someone directly by phone, you can reach us toll-free at 877.506.3378. We look forward to speaking with you. We are a brokerage agency so we work with all of the companies that do Medicare supplements in Tennessee. This allows you to compare all of the plan options in one centralized place so you can make an unbiased choice.


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